Heritage-The Why?

Why We Exist – To Be A Complete and World-Class Entertainment Experience for our Guests.

Delivering on our commitment of courtesy, quality, inspiring environment and cleanliness does not need to be expensive but should be expected. We understand that people work hard for their money, and receiving value is the exchange people seek and deserve. Treat people the way you expect to be treated. This is the fundamental foundation on which we build an experience that is Heritage Restaurant and Pub.

Striving for excellence in everything we do and offer is our Standard. When you view everything through the lens of excellence, you can deliver a World-Class Experience. This is our focus.

Embracing and preserving the rich cultural Heritage of the region builds and maintains a sense of pride in who we are and what we stand for. We are committed to providing a place for friends and family to gather, share a meal, a drink and good times in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and a monument to what makes this region great. This is in the forefront of our minds in everything we do and offer. From the beautiful architecture, to the memorabilia, to the menu choices, to the pride of producing a quality product and most importantly the welcoming courtesy and friendliness of our cast and team. We pay attention to all of the details, no coal is left un-turned as we strive to deliver a World-Class Experience.

Bar area
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Bar area

Heritage-The People

edward and wendy

In the Hospitality Business, nothing is more important than “the people” entrusted to provide you a “World-Class Experience”. At the Heritage Restaurant & Pub, that means everyone, from the Service Cast, to the Chef, Cooks and Dishwasher – every single person matters. We are discriminating in who we hire and provide training to the entire team in understanding the importance of the individual roles. No task or job is “menial”, everyone plays an important part in orchestrating and executing the vision and mission of the organization – to provide our guests with value and a world-class experience … every time.

As the owner’s, Edward & Wendy Manning work to set the tone that “Excellence” is the standard at Heritage Restaurant & Pub. If your work is approached with that mind-set and mentality, the guest experience and product will become “world-class”. It is the desire to have the Heritage Restaurant & Pub, be the pre-eminent place to dine in the region. Both Edward and Wendy have a genuine passion for the hospitality business and for creating environments that respect individuals and allows them to develop and thrive in their respective jobs and functions.

Wendy Manning – Owner & General Manager

Wendy is the wearer of many hats. Born & raised in Boyertown, Berks County, and spending a large chunk of working life in customer service before deciding to hang up corporate life and spend time as a mother and begin charting out her own business path together with her husband, Edward. A loving mother and grand-mother, Wendy brings a unique blend of passion for excellence and details combined with compassion and a helpful spirit that endears her to all who work with her. With Wendy, the Devil is in the Details” and she is very committed to teaching the team to pay attention to the details and fundamentals, i.e. Cleanliness, Freshness, Cheerful Attitude and Disposition, Welcoming to All Guests, Responsiveness and Organization. This is where you excel.

wendy with drink

Edward Manning – Owner & Chief Entertainment Officer

Edward is the visionary and serial entrepreneur, bringing over 30 years of business ownership experience to the table. Born & raised in Reading, Berks County, and spending much of his working career in customer experience, sales & marketing, he enjoys working with his wife, Wendy to create exceptional environments and world-class experiences to customers and guests. It is Edward’s belief that this happens through choosing the right staff and team and cultivating an environment for them to shine, develop and grow. It is with this focus in mind, taking care of the employees first, that true business and customer value is created and nurtured. “If you take care of your employees, provide them with fertile ground, they will be inspired and motivated to take care of the customers.”

edward sittinga the bar

Erik Dressler – Executive Chef

Erik has a true love of creating our menu items from scratch and truly delights in making everything fresh. A native son of Shamokin, Erik graduated culinary school in San Diego, CA. He set out to develop his skills, working in restaurants and food facilities in San Diego and Seattle, WA before returning to his home-town of Shamokin. Originally hired in the winter of 2022 to run the kitchen and assist at Oliver’s Cigars and Spirits, Shamokin, Erik took embraced the vision and mission set out by Edward & Wendy and was given an opportunity to showcase his skills and talents creating fresh and flavorful fare at Oliver’s and providing guests with exceptional service. Now, he has created a diverse and fresh menu at Heritage, utilizing his vast experience, his love of Bar-B-Que and Asian Cuisine all while giving a strong nod to the dishes and flavors of the Coal Region. Chef Erik has led, taught and developed a strong team of prep and line cooks who are all very passionate to provide you with the very best dining experience with delicious food that is both inspired and prepared with care, passion and love. His role also has him managing all of the Back of House Team and he has cultivated an environment that focuses on cleanliness, execution, freshness and camaraderie amongst all team members. You will not find a more cohesive, well-functioning, back-of-house team anywhere.

head chef in kitchen

Luke Mattucci – Lead Line Cook

Luke is Chef Erik’s right-hand man and in charge of the kitchen and back-of-house when Erik is not present. Luke is the main man behind the Grill and is passionate about grilling up fare to perfection. Initially born in Northumberland County, Luke is essentially from Long Island, NY and considers himself a New Yorker, spending the first 27 years of his life living in Long Island. During his time in New York, Luke worked in many varied roles in the Hospitality Business setting the ground-work for his love of the industry. In 2009, Luke moved to Providence, R.I. continuing to expand and hone his skills in the Food and Hospitality Business. In 2011, Luke moved to Shamokin where he has since resided. Aside from being the resident comedian at Heritage with his wit and humor, Luke has embraced a leadership role in the kitchen and jumps in anywhere necessary to assist his teammates. He is excellent at working with the young team, often coaching and supporting their efforts with his unique ability to communicate and support them on their level. Luke is a very valuable part of the team and the quality and care of his efforts shows in every food item and dish he touches.

line cooke male

Sam & Kathy Vetovich

Sam & Kathy are the founders of Heritage Restaurant and their presence is felt both spiritually and physically as they are regular guests and trusted friends and advisors to Edward & Wendy. Both Sam & Kathy were born and raised in Shamokin. Kathy saw the dilapidated building that once housed the Fan Club and a multitude of other businesses throughout its long and storied history. She felt a calling, pull and mission to turn it into a restaurant that would continue to reflect the values and personalities that make this area known for kind-hearted, proud people who want to move this city into the future, while maintaining the pride in our Heritage. The Heritage Restaurant opened its doors in October of 2018 and stands as a monument to the revitalization efforts that have captivated the city and the region. Sam & Kathy have sacrificed, worked hard and led the way in this endeavor. Heritage Restaurant and the City of Shamokin should be eternally grateful for these efforts that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

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“If you take care of your employees, provide them with fertile ground, they will be inspired and motivated to take care of the customers.”

-Edward Manning
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