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Discover the unparalleled selection and quality that sets us apart as the premier destination in the region. Our offerings are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Experience a unique blend of comfort and elegance in our low-key, relaxed atmosphere, making it the ideal retreat for both couples and individuals. Enjoy the essence of a pub experience, free from the usual distractions found in typical bars and sports bars. Join us for an experience that redefines leisure and sophistication.

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Heritage-The Food

Enjoying a great meal together with family and friends has been at the heart of great times and experiences for thousands of years. Whether it’s a family gathering, an evening out with friends, lunch with a co-worker or an intimate dinner with your sweetie, we understand and embrace the significance of what it takes to provide for a great experience.

But what makes a great meal? This is the question we hope to answer with our approach our Menu Selection and Variety and the quality of the ingredients and methods we use.

Our Menu celebrates the rich ethnic and cultural background of the region. We try to include something for just about all tastes and preferences. From classic English and American Fare to Italian, to Polish/Eastern European. We take pride in creating a unique culinary experience like none other in the region. Some of the unique aspects of our cuisine stems from Chef Erik Dressler’s love of Asian Dishes, and he incorporates some of these flavors into his creations where possible without losing the character of the star of the show. It is important to understand which parts of the dish are the “star of the show” and which are the “supporting cast”. Chef Erik and the team pull this off in wonderful and consistent fashion so that seasonings, spices and sauces play a supporting role in the dish.

The size of our menu is carefully considered to make sure all items are Fresh and of Good Quality. If a menu is too large it is very difficult to offer and manage freshness and house-made items. If a menu is too small, it lacks variety and interest that will appeal to diverse tastes and desires for dining.

We rotate certain items on the menu to capture the flavors and freshness of the season. This also maintains interest and provides variety reminiscent of European cafés where the Chef maintains a menu reflecting what is currently available at the local markets and food purveyors. We also add-in weekly specials that reflect and showcase the talents of our team with everyone contributing their ideas and the special talent they bring into the kitchen while also gauging the requests and desires of our guests and patrons.

All of our Fried Food Items are fried in Lard. No seed or vegetable oils used here. Sautee’ is done in butter. Olive Oil is used as a base. These products are more expensive but are of much higher-quality, healthier and provide the basis for better taste in our menu offerings vs. cheaper, low-quality alternatives used in other restaurants and eating establishments. You can taste the difference – just like the way our grandparents and those before them prepared and cooked their meals.

This is part of our Heritage – Taste the Difference!

Heritage-The Drinks

Every great dining and pub experience is not complete without a great beverage selection. Staying true to offering a World-Class Entertainment Experience cannot be achieved without a quality selection of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverage options.

Like our food, we carefully select the choices and ingredients that make up our Beverage Menu. We go thru painstaking efforts to ensure we offer drink options to suit a variety of tastes.

First, we intentionally removed fountain drinks and mixers. Soda guns and soda fountains are a common source of contamination in bars and restaurants, often failing health inspection standards. By going to bottles and cans, we can control quality and freshness of all soft drinks and mixers. You can feel confident that bacteria and other contaminants do not make their way into your drinks.

Next, we only provide and use quality soft-drinks and mixers. We offer authentic Coca-Cola products and Reading, Old-Fashioned style sodas chosen for their familiarity, quality and variety. We use Fever-Tree for our cocktail mixers. Fever-Tree is known throughout the bartending industry for their quality and taste. They simply provide the back-drop for better tasting mixed-drinks.

And, last, how can you offer quality, smooth and great tasting cocktails and mixed-drinks without care and attention to the liquor that is used? Simple answer: You can’t. That is why you won’t find low-end liquor utilized in our bar. World-Class can only be achieved when excellence becomes your standard in all you do and offer.

The same standards, care and attention are deployed in our Beer and Wine offerings as well. As with everything we do at Heritage Restaurant and Pub, we endeavor to provide unsurpassed value for our guests and patrons.

Experience the Heritage Difference!

Specialty Drinks

Our establishment takes pride in an aesthetically stunning and architecturally inspiring setting, creating an ambiance of beauty and sophistication. Our culinary delights are fresh, regionally inspired, and tailored to the tastes of our discerning clientele. Our service team embodies professionalism in both appearance and conduct, expertly trained in the fine art of hospitality. When it comes to beverages, our selection of drinks, cocktails, beers, and wines is meticulously curated, focusing on exceptional quality and value.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our valued customers are saying about Heritage Restaraunt.

Our first time here and hope to become regulars! My husband and I shared 2 apps (HIGHLY recommend the duck fat fries) which were both delicious. Our meals didn’t disappoint, either. Great service and love the vibe inside.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere at Heritage! Edward, Wendy and their team made for an enjoyable experience in a beautiful, warm and engaging environment. The drinks and appetizers were great…who would’ve thought peanut butter would make for an amazing dip for our pretzel!?🥨 The Tuna and plantain chips, fresh and crisp! We’ll definitely be back!

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