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About Us

Located on North Market Street in Shamokin, Heritage Restaurant plants its roots deep with the community. The building first started out as a dry goods store back in the 1870's. Coming forward through its history, this building has seen its own transformation numerous times. From dry goods to autoparts to pizza and, eventually, just an empty husk until 2015 when we began turning it into the restaurant we have today.
Our building has stood within the community for so long it could be called a relic. But we don't see that as a bad thing at Heritage. We see it as a defining feature. Within its walls we have collected memorabilia from times forgotten that show the true character of the city. From that history, Heritage has been inspired and developed our menu.
At Heritage the plates reflect the culture of the Coal Region, but not without its own modern twists. It is in those dishes that everyone who comes in can find a little something about themselves. And it is from those dishes that Heritage will continue to move forward in order to respect what came before.
We hope you enjoy your visit to Heritage.




Our History

Heritage Restaurant has a long history in the Shamokin Community. The building was built in the 1870's. It started as W.H. Zaring General Store. Selling Notions, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes until 1906 when the building was sold to O.K. Wetzel. OK Wetzel had a Notions and dry goods store in the building until 1936. The building was again sold and it became Millers Auto Supply. Millers Auto Supply had the building up until the late 60's. Then the building was sold and it became The Idle Hour Luncheonette. The Idle Hour was there up until the mid 70's when the building became Naples Pizza Family Restaurant. Naples was there until the early 80's when it became BJ's Pizza and Family Restaurant. Then in the late 80's early 90's the building was sold and it became The Fan Club Pizza, Eats and Treats. The Fan Club closed sometime in the late 90's and after that several small pizza shops like Johnny's Pizza resided in the building. In the early 2000's the building was un-occupied and began to decay. Then in 2015 we purchased the building and started the long restoration. Over a 3 year period the building became what you see today. The Heritage Restaurant. Over time we collected some relics from Shamokin's past and incorporated them into the Restaurant. We hope we you visit us you will enjoy the Heritage of Shamokin in our Restaurant. If you want to see what our building looked like before the 3 year restoration visit this link.


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